Track What Matters™

CONNEQT yourself or your patients to personalized, vascular health insights. The App works seamlessly with CONNEQT Pulse and CONNEQT Band.

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App Features

Intuitive Dashboard

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Mobile Device Bluetooth LE Version 5.0 and above
Compatible Mobile Devices Android
iPhone (8 or higher)
Compatible OS iOS 16 or higher
Android 8 or higher
Power Options Power: DC:5V 1.0A
Battery: 1*3.7V Li-ion 2200mAh
Biomarkers Monitored Brachial Blood Pressure (SYS/Dia)
Central Blood Pressure (SYS)
Heart Rate
Augmentation Index
Augmentation Pressure
Central Pulse Pressure
Subendocardial Viability Ratio (SEVR)

Take Control of Your Cardiovascular Health

The CONNEQT App provides patients with the ability to monitor their cardiovascular health at a whole new level from the comfort of their own home. The CONNEQT Pulse Device captures and transfers medically reliable vascular biomarkers not available through traditional blood pressure devices to the patient’s CONNEQT App.